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Zorlu Energy Group

With its diversified services, Zorlu Energy Group acts in a principled and environmentally compliant manner to make utmost effort in order to meet the energy demand in Turkey and in the world. The foundation of the Group was laid down with Zorlu Enerji Elektrik �retim A.�. which was founded in 1993 as an autoproducer to provide electricity and steam for textile factories in the Zorlu Group. The Group operations extend from electricity generation, sales and trading, natural gas trading and distribution, turnkey construction of power plants including project design and long term operation and maintenance of power plants. Zorlu Energy Group has a portfolio that includes natural gas, hydroelectric and geothermal power plants with a total installed capacity of 771 MW in Turkey. In addition to electricity generation and trading, the Group is also engaged in natural gas trading and distribution, and distrubutes natural gas in the Thrace and Gaziantep regions. The Group has increased the share of local and renewable resources in its portfolio to 35%, with the power plants it has acquired via privatization tenders and through new investments.

EPC Project Management 2021

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