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Yorkshire Water

We manage the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Yorkshire, supplying around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water each day - that's a lot of water. At the same time we also collect, treat and dispose of about one billion litres of waste water safely back into the environment. To do this we operate more than 700 water and sewage treatment works and 120 reservoirs. We look after 62,000 miles of water and sewerage mains - enough pipework to circulate the earth! But we're about much more than just water and sewerage services. We're one of Yorkshire's largest landowners and have opened a lot of our land for our customers to enjoy. As one of Yorkshire's biggest companies we work closely with local communities. Through our latest community campaign 'Hands Up'? we're creating sustainable gardens and allotments in primary schools across Yorkshire. Our vision is "Taking responsibility for the water environment for good"?. We have also developed five supporting 'values'? which help us to shape the way we behave and make decisions on our way towards this vision: We pull together - We work together for a shared vision We plan ahead - We look beyond today's challenges to create tomorrow's solutions We can't do this on our own - We recognise that strong relationships will help us build a better future. We think outside the pipes - We think and act creatively We all make a difference - Each one of us plays an important part in achieving our vision.

EPC Project Management 2021

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