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Xodus Group

Xodus provides engineering and advisory services to clients in the oil and gas, LNG, renewables and utilities industries worldwide. Our clever and innovative thinking helps clients to overcome challenges and maximise their return on investment. Xodus is known for its uniquely integrated services, backed up by specialist tools and training, that span the numerous disciplines involved in delivering complex projects: subsurface, process and facilities, subsea and pipelines, flow assurance, wells, integrity, vibration, safety, risk, environment and commercial advice. For some people, Xodus is the ideal employer because they can work with like-minded experts at the top of their career, for others the key is to be involved in major projects delivering energy to an increasingly energy-hungry world. For others still, it's finding that their entrepreneurial tendencies to solve problems and make things happen are encouraged. We know that one thing they have in common is that they like our culture. It's a big part of the reason that so many people want to work for Xodus. With support from it's parent company, Subsea 7, Xodus will enhance its capability, whilst continuing to operate independently, providing unbiased engineering and advisory services to the energy industry and offering objective advice to clients to help them maximise their returns.

EPC Project Management 2021

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