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XLN | for small business

XLN isn't your usual utility company. We don't just offer your standard broadband and phone line with a few extras thrown in for good measure. We're the small business specialist, giving the start-ups and SMEs of Great Britain a viable alternative to the corporate giants and their equally gigantic fees. So how are we different? To start with, we know exactly what small businesses need because we started small ourselves. Our humble beginnings have given us experience of what it takes to be a small business in the UK, and we've used that to create our unique offering in essential services � all for small businesses and all with small prices. What's more, our insight into small business has given us the opportunity to build on our own knowledge and to listen to the needs of others too. We know that for small businesses, every penny counts. We know that small business owners don't want to spend large amounts on the basics, or be locked in by contracts and hefty bills. That's why we provide essential services at budget-friendly prices � especially for all the small businesses that help make Britain great. Our core products are Broadband, Phone, Mobile, Energy and Card Processing � everything a small business needs. And within each of these, we provide a range of packages designed to suit every budget and every requirement. Our fantastic products are just the tip of the iceberg. Our call centres are based right here in the UK, which means that whenever a customer picks up the phone they'll always talk to the person who is dealing with their account. Plus our call waiting times are among the shortest out there, and we aim to resolve all queries on the first call. We're more than just a utility company. We're for all the small businesses that are fed up of huge bills and the Big Six. We stand for all the Heroes of the Economy that deserve a better deal � and our rock-bottom rates are just the start of the journey towards massive savings.

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