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Winch Energy Ltd

Winch Energy Ltd, founded in March 2016 and jointly owned by Total Eren Renewables and Winch Energy Partners Ltd, is a for-profit company, inducing win-win profitable and economically viable renewable energy solutions for off-grid, rural populations in Africa. Winch Energy has crafter a comprehensive offer to meet national-scale rural electrification objectives in a rapid, modular and cost-effective manner. Through it�s proprietary technology, the Remote Power Unit, Winch provides 24x7 power to off-grid communities along with satellite broadband. Winch Energy�s mission is to deliver reliable, cost competitive and clean electricity and communications to large settlements, schools, clinics and village social centers as a catalyst for local economic growth. The Remote Power Unit models have been optimized to meet the needs of such end-users, albeit with a modular system that allows to meet quickly growing demand with significant cost savings compared to diesel. Winch�s business model has been designed for high-volume programs with industrialized-level assembly, deployment, operations and maintenance.

EPC Project Management 2021

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