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Whittaker Group Ltd

The North Sea isn�t the deepest, coldest or most remote place on earth to extract oil and gas, but it is one of the toughest. Here, where storms kick up in minutes and unpredictable weather is a certainty, conditions are extraordinarily demanding. Extraction is dangerous and expensive, and the history of the North Sea is one of continuing development and technical innovation. The industry here has led the world since the 60s - largely because it had to. Based in Stonehaven, just south of Aberdeen, Whittaker Engineering has grown with the local industry over three decades. We began with a handful of staff, investing in new equipment, adding specialisms and recruiting people to meet growing demand. As the industry encountered problems and opportunities, we worked with our colleagues and clients to meet each new challenge. We�re part of the history of the North Sea, and we�re proud of it. We produce components at our original factory outside Stonehaven, where we now employ over 130 people. Our team includes a team of highly qualified design engineers and a full cohort of highly skilled fabricators, welders, machinists and mechanical fitters. We are very proud to continue Scotland�s tradition of precision engineering and manufacturing in an economy where making things is less prevalent than it was - we�re keeping valuable skills alive and at home in the UK. At any one time we have around 20 apprentices - we take on five or six a year for a four-year Modern Apprenticeship - so we�re investing in the next generation of skilled workers. We make high end components for the Oil & Gas sector, we remain a size that allows us to be extremely responsive and nimble. Our clients have access to the business owners at all times, and we can provide fast, effective responses to problems and opportunities

EPC Project Management 2021

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