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Vive Crop Protection

At Vive, we create new ways to use proven crop protection products using our targeted Allosperse Delivery System, which improves the targeting and performance of pesticide active ingredients. This helps farmers do more with less, all while increasing crop quality and yields. Our current products are designed to easily mix with liquid fertilizer and other chemistry. AZteroid FC 3.3, controls important diseases in sugarbeets, dry beans, alfalfa, potatoes and corn. Bifender FC controls below-ground insects in corn and potatoes. Three new products will be available in 2020 to address other significant issues faced by farmers. Our experienced and flexible management team has been working together in the agriculture industry since 2009. We are open to new ways of doing business and use innovative solutions to readily unlock new possibilities for our customers. In summary: Using simple, small polymer particles as part of the Allosperse Delivery System, Vive Crop Protection puts pesticides on target. Farmers see improved yield and quality while saving time and money. Vive creates new possibilities in crop protection.

EPC Project Management 2021

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