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Viking Inspection Ltd

Storage Tank and Pipeline Inspection Viking Inspection specialise in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions for storage tank and pipeline inspections, serving a wide range of industries including bulk storage, chemical, petroleum, utilities and many refineries. Our NDT inspections identify areas of degradation, corrosion, weakness and cracking, before damage to assets occurs. We�re here to ensure your operational compliance meets the highest recognised standards. We have tank inspection technicians qualified to EEMUA 159 & API 653 with a wealth of experience gained around the world. Inspections can be conducted in or out of service, from a simple ultrasonic thickness survey to a full EEMUA or API inspection. For pipeline inspections, our guide to Long Range UT (LRUT) shows how we can inspect and detect corrosion on large volumes of previously inaccessible pipework both quickly and accurately. Viking Inspection: Tank Floor scanning using the Silverwing Floormap 3D MFL floor scanner with distinction between topside and underside corrosion and mapping software. Tank shell inspection using the Silverwing Scorpion dry probe UT scanner. MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) of tank floor and shell welds and nozzle welds. UT (Ultrasonic Thickness) checks on the tank floor, shell, nozzles and pipework. Vacuum box inspection of tank floor welds. EEMUA 159 tank integrity assessment of the tank including fitness for further service and remaining life assessment. API 653 Assessment of the tank including fitness for further service and remaining life assessment. API 570 Assessment of above ground and buried pipelines including isometric CAD drawing, UT thickness checks, recording of CML and TML locations and fitness for further service and remaining life assessment.. Guided Wave (Teletest Focus) inspection of above ground (Insulated and non-insulated) and buried pipelines.

EPC Project Management 2021

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