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Unatrac Ltd.

Unatrac Limited, headquartered in Slough, UK, is the export sales office for the Mantrac Group of Caterpillar Dealerships. Unatrac offers Customers direct export sales of the complete range of new and used Caterpillar Construction, Mining, Power Generation and Materials Handling Equipment. Our offshore sales teams have considerable experience in their respective fields and take pride in the level of technical assistance provided to Customers. By ensuring correct machine selection and providing parts and service solutions, either through the local dealership or via Unatrac in Slough, coupled with our handling of all the necessary customs and shipping formalities for export, we give the best possible tailored equipment packages for direct export Customers. Mantrac group of caterpillar dealership operates in Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Iraq and Siberia-Russia.

EPC Project Management 2021

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