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Turbine Generator Maintenance

Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inc. (TGM) is the premier solution provider for steam and combustion turbine and generator inspection, testing, and repair. TGM is turnkey and project management based, focused on units operated by independent power producers, cogenerators, and other power producers that require the shortest outage durations to support availability requirements. TGM provides expert field service inspections, repairs, and operational support for steam and combustion turbine and generator sets throughout the US, Caribbean, and the Americas. A full range of turbine and generator operational and outage services are provided including: : � Technical Services � operational and outage � Parts Sourcing - either OEM or reverse engineered � Field and Shop Machining � including on-site slow speed rotor balancing � Generator and Exciter Inspection and Repairs � including testing, analysis, on-site repairs � Control Systems Inspection/Repairs/Upgrades - Steam, Gas, Generator, Exciter, MHC/EHC � Turbine Generator Outage Planning - Steam and Combustion Turbines, Generators � Running Condition Assessments - Steam Turbines, Generators, Control Systems � Turnkey Outage Management We have set ourselves apart from OEMs and other contractors with "The TGM Way"? � bringing together the right People, the right Plan, the right Processes, the right Tools, and the right Attitude�for the total success of your project and the confidence that the outage will be completed to your specific requirements.

EPC Project Management 2021

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