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Tehran Energy Consultants (TEC)

The first and leading Petroleum Consultancy Company of Iran providing quality services since 1991. The prime objective of the company is to provide technical advice and assistance to the oil and gas industry in the areas of exploration, exploitation, optimal reservoir management, state of the art well technologies as well as in midstream sector. As such, TEC is the leading company of its kind established in Iran with the main devotion to the upstream and midstream engineering and management. TEC, as the leading consultancy in the upstream sector of oil and gas industry, enjoys from over 1500 years of experience of its managerial and technical staff in the upstream sector of oil and gas industry. With this wealth of human resource TEC has proved its competency and integrity during 25 years of its local and international services by performing over 90 successful projects among which 34 have been full field studies and preparation of Master Development Plans (MDPs) of oil and gas fields. Rendering engineering design services for oil and gas drilling activities is another arena of TEC expertise. These services include preparation of well geological prognosis programs and well drilling testing, logging coring and stimulation programs. Rendering of these engineering services, together with supervision of well drilling operations and geo-steering of their course using geological models, providing well site geological services, supervision of well stimulation, testing, coring and logging and the like are among the operational services are additional activities which TEC has been involved in.

EPC Project Management 2021

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