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Stolle Machinery Company LLC

Stolle is the world�s leading supplier of two piece can and end-making machinery for the global canmaking industry. Our high speed machines can be found in can plants around the world performing the value-added functions of the canmaking process. In addition to supplying individual machines, we design, install and support complete can and end lines for beverage and food cans. Stolle machines are designed and built to be the most productive and reliable machines available, which is why canmakers rely on them as the backbone of their operation. They know they can count on Stolle to support their machines for life with the highest quality OEM spare parts, responsive field service and continuing technical innovations to keep their machinery at the forefront of canmaking technology. Our engineering and development teams consistently produce new improvements and innovations that increase production speeds, save materials and increase consumer appeal� all the while maximizing our customers� productivity and profitability. With roots going back over 147 years, the history of Stolle reads like a Who�s Who of the can machinery industry.

EPC Project Management 2021

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