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Southeast Directional Drilling

Southeast consists of a key group of highly trained and experienced personnel. When it comes to your business, you want the best, and when it comes to choosing the best, you need to select Southeast Directional Drilling. However, what is it that makes Southeast the ideal choice for your company? When it comes to being the best, clearly experience and quality are defining factors. These fundamental building blocks for success are only some of what has made up Southeast Directional Drilling since its inception in 2002. As far as our experience goes, Southeast has a combined field experience of over one hundred years in pipelining and directional drilling combined with over several hundred quality miles of HDD�s, of which 35 miles were 42� HDD crossings. These years of experience include several hundred completed bores including one that was a record length of 6,380 feet, and another project which was the deepest directional drill river crossing in North America at a depth of 800 feet. These two projects earned Southeast the highest respect in the drilling industry. From our most recent projects, we set another world record in Trinidad by executing three 56 inch HDD crossings. Southeast has the capability to perform directional drilling work in a plethora of different territories, such as environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country areas, major river crossings, roadways, railroads, and remote locations. We have experience in all types of soils, including solid rock and fractured formations and we are also capable of drilling in lengths in excess of 6,400 ft, ranging from 2 inches to 56 inches in diameter pipe. Aside from being able to fulfill any possible drilling need, we are committed to maintaining an on time schedule, all while satisfying landowners, environmental monitors, and public agencies. We look forward to discussing, and bidding, any potential horizontal directional drilling projects your company may require.

EPC Project Management 2021

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