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South Staffs Water

South Staffordshire Water Plc is a private water company formed in 1853 to provide water to the inhabitants of the Black Country. We supply a population of nearly 1.25 million, over an area of almost 1,490 square kilometres. Our area of supply stretches from the edge of Ashbourne in the north, to Halesowen in the south, and from Burton on Trent in the East to Kinver in the West. We operate 24 hours a day - trapping the rain that falls, controlling the amount of water taken from rivers and underground aquifers, treating the water so that it is safe to drink and then transporting a constant supply of water to homes, shops, offices, factories, hospitals and schools. When you turn on your tap, you are completing a cycle that has involved hundreds of people, many kilometres of water mains and millions of pounds of investment.

EPC Project Management 2021

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