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sonnen Australia Pty Ltd

sonnen is one of the global market leaders in smart solar energy storage with more than 40,000 residential sonnenBatterie systems installed worldwide. sonnen is driving forward the move towards decentralized and digitalized electricity supply through the sonnenCommunity � a pioneering energy sharing platform which enables sonnenBatterie owners to achieve 100% independence from the grid. The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent energy storage system which allows its owners to use solar electricity day and night, whilst also enabling users to change the way that they manage and control their energy. It saves money by storing the surplus energy generated by solar panels when its not needed, and makes it available at times when it is needed. Much more than just a battery, the sonnenBatterie combines technically robust, high quality hardware with cutting edge software intelligence through which sonnen can deliver a range of added-value energy services to consumers. Our Vision and Culture: At sonnen Australia, we believe in clean, affordable energy for everyone. We are passionate and driven to have a positive impact on our environment, and on the people within it. We are customer focused, inventive, audacious, inclusive, clear thinkers who make learning a habit and always maintain a winning attitude. We are sonnenWarriors who are delivering energy with impact!

EPC Project Management 2021

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