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Solland Solar Cells BV

Solar cell manufacturer Solland manufactures solar cells using innovative production methods. Research focuses on solar cell cost reduction through the continuous improvement of solar cell efficiency, yield and production methods. Solland Solar develops and produces standard and special solar cells that convert light / sunlight into electricity. Solland Solar is located on the border between Germany and The Netherlands. Solland supplies to the Business to Business market only, i.e. to solar module producers and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that integrate its cells into OEM products. The multi-utility company Delta (The Netherlands) owns the majority of Solland Solar�s shares. Delta�s participation implies attractive prospects for Solland Solar�s further development. Solland Solar aims to also play a significant role in the economic use of solar energy by substantially increasing the production of solar cells and by establishing strategic partnerships with other companies in the solar value chain in order to lower the overall cost of solar energy.

EPC Project Management 2021

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