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Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH

SOLARKIOSK is the last mile distribution hub and renewable energy-connectivity gateway to untapped markets at the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP). SOLARKIOSK intertwines an award winning design technology with an inclusive, scalable business model to enable and empower BoP communities worldwide through the provision of renewable energy services, products and solutions, thus creating both triple bottom line impact and profitable business centers. SOLARKIOSK designs, manufactures, implements and operates a modular, expendable kit-of-parts, solar powered business hub, which can be deployed in the most remote areas. The solution comes with all appliances to kick-start a profitable business: multiple phone charging, refrigerator cooling, satellite TV, Internet connectivity and printing/scanning/copying of documents. The business hub is operated by a local entrepreneur, who sells solar and green products, clean cooking stoves, energy services and fast-moving consumer goods to local customers. SOLARKIOSK solution comes with remote monitoring, connectivity, smart metering, PoS, and provides space, energy and connectivity for further local businesses as well as community purposes (health, education), hence evolving into the Connected-Solar-Market-Center of the respective BoP community. SOLARKIOSK was founded in 2011 by Andreas Spiess and GRAFT architects. The first projects were implemented in 2012 in remote areas in Ethiopia and Kenya. Since then SOLARKIOSK has implemented approx. 200 projects in 11 countries worldwide. In 2016, SOLARKIOSK has succeeded to integrate its solutions as a Connected-Solar-Clinic and Connected-Solar-School for refugees in Jordan. SOLARKIOSK has been rewarded with several international recognitions, amongst them the New Energy Pioneer 2016 award by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.�

EPC Project Management 2021

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