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Solar San Antonio

Solar San Antonio is a non-profit {501(c)(3)} advocacy and resource center for renewable and sustainable energy applications. Utilizing community education and outreach, we strive to decrease energy costs and improve the quality of life in San Antonio and South Texas. We actively encourage the widespread use of solar and other renewable and sustainable energy sources informing the community about benefits to the regional economy, environment and human health, as well as supporting public policies that advance this possibility. By providing leadership in renewable energy, we are able to offer information and networking opportunities to the public, to public officials and to the business community. We connect solar energy suppliers and consumers; organize workshops for architects, engineers and energy managers; act with local, state and federal organizations to support clean energy options. Our programs and events bring these interests together creating a context to share what's happening in solar and why it's important to the future of the community.

EPC Project Management 2021

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