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SheerWind is changing the course of power generation by offering affordable clean power to anyone, anywhere. INVELOX�, SheerWind�s patented technology, captures, concentrates, and accelerates wind energy transforming wind power into a reliable, baseload power source with ground-based turbines. SheerWind�s INVELOX is a life-changing technology priced competitively with natural gas and hydroelectric generation, can be used in low wind areas (1 mph / 0.5 m/s), and is scalable to be placed locally wherever power is needed. INVELOX provides access to locations in and beyond the $1 trillion global electricity market. SheerWind�s technology addresses the most important challenges in the wind industry: cost, reliability, viability, and environmental/wildlife impacts. INVELOX is designed to generate sustainable, clean electricity competitive with fossil fuels and hydropower generation. SheerWind's goal is to produce electricity as low as 1 cent/kilowatt-hour at wind speeds as low as 1 mph resulting in 3x improved performance with CAPEX lower than $750/kW. 50% less O&M 90% less land use 50% shorter towers 84% shorter turbine blades than traditional wind power systems. INVELOX has a higher capacity factor (70�90%) by operating at very low-wind speeds and high-wind speeds when tower-mounted wind systems simply cannot operate. SheerWind authorized HUBS to date, are located in New Zealand, Middle East, and Denmark. With under a 5-year payback, INVELOX requires no subsidies to be profitable and has minimal environment, wildlife and human impact. We are working with customers in the USA, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East on potential INVELOX projects totaling 11 MW and $22 Million CAPEX in the next 12-24 months.

EPC Project Management 2021

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