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Rope Access Inspection - North West LTD

We aim to be the forefront Blackpool / Northwest based company that specialises in rope access window cleaning, replacement, tinting and repair, banner installation, building maintenance, masonry work, industrial and commercial painting, photographic inspection, geo work (de- vegetation) in the places where ladders can�t reach and equipment like scaffolding and cherry pickers are too expensive to use. We are also looking at working towards getting people working offshore for companies or agencies. Interested in working for Rope Access Inspection North West? Email your CV to and we will add you to our database of technicians. For more information about the company and what we can offer email Follow us on Twitter at Follow us on Facebook at We aim to provide as many jobs as we can so as soon as a job becomes available we will advertise on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

EPC Project Management 2021

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