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Reza Hygiene

Reza Hygiene is the leading provider of critical environment sanitation products, systems and solutions to institutions and industry throughout KSA. It has five key locations in the Kingdom: Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar, Abha and Ha�il. There are also offices in UAE (Dubai), Qatar (Doha), and Bahrain. Established in 1997, the company serves the hygiene needs of a variety of key sectors. Its aim is to achieve the highest standards of hygiene for its clients, thereby contributing to a healthier & safer environment within the community. ---- Why Reza Hygiene? The company is a one-stop provider that can meet any hygiene need, present or future, and combat potential problems even before they occur. Solutions are wide-ranging, innovative and sustainable, with the company taking a highly responsible approach to chemicals. Reza Hygiene is pioneering the use of highly effective new green chemical technologies in the housekeeping and industrial cleaning sectors, providing products that enable its clients to meet environmental standards, including LEED accreditation. Just as important is the expertise to back this up. Many of the company�s professionals will have direct world-class experience in the relevant sectors, so can appreciate the hazards, requirements and opportunities. At the same time, unlike many competitors, they have excellent local knowledge of KSA, so can quickly ascertain exactly what�s needed, and offer appropriate advice and training. ---- Reza Hygiene partners with other companies to deliver solutions and expertise across five main sectors: - Animal Health - Food & Beverage - Institutional - Aroma - Specialised Cleaning Services

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