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Repower Italia

Repower Group has been active in the energy sector for over 100 years. With its headquarters in Poschiavo (Graub�nden Canton, Switzerland), it is one of the leading Swiss energy producers from renewable sources. It trades on the most important European energy exchanges and operates in the whole energy industry in Switzerland and Italy. Repower�s green orientation has always guided both the planning and the operating phases of its generating plants by ensuring continuous monitoring and the adoption of new and more efficient technologies. In Italy Repower sells electricity, green energy and natural gas to small and medium enterprises. With a net sales of specialised consultants dedicated to its customers, Repower offers different services such as supplies tailored to the customer�s consumption habits, customised and continuous assistance, services and products for an efficient energy utilisation. An internal customer service handles specific requirements related to the energy supply. Repower plays an important role also in the European energy and natural gas trading, and in the electricity generation with its three wind farms and a combined cycle power plant.

EPC Project Management 2021

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