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Remondis International GmbH

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest water and environmental service companies. We have over 500 locations in 28 countries and on three continents. Our primary goal is to provide professional services which lead to the economic and efficient use of natural resources. With this target in mind, we are active within the area of water supply and water production, we recover raw materials from waste, we develop innovative recycling products and we supply alternative forms of energy. And through this same commitment, we use eco-friendly methods to dispose of residual waste and hazardous materials which are unable to be recycled either for ecological or economic reasons. Using the many years of experience of our traditional, family-run company, we are constantly working towards improving our services, implementing innovative recycling processes and perfecting material flow management. Extensive knowledge, integral solutions and forward-thinking ideas are, therefore, the basis of our successful business. Figures * REMONDIS moves huge material flows. Year on year, we collect, process and market 25 million tonnes of recyclable materials. * Across the world, 20 million inhabitants profit from our services as well as many thousands of companies and municipalities. * The technological network of our company group contains 500 different facilities enabling us to close many material life cycles. 7.000 commercial vehicles guarantee a smooth-running logistics system 24 hours a day.

EPC Project Management 2021

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