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Raio Quimica e Energia

Raio Quimica e Energia is a privately owned multinational green chemical company founded in 2000 as an importing and exporting company specialized in green chemistries. In 2009, Raio Quimica e Energia opened a 1.5 million square feet manufacturing facility in Campinas, Sao Paulo with a focus on Innovative Technologies in recycling of vegetable and animal oils used in the fabrication of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biodiesel, and other allied industries. All of Raio Quimica and Energia's products are 100 % recyced, 100% natural, and 100% pure. In 2010, Raio Quimica e Energia started its own power generation plant producing 1 Megawatt of electricity per hour with petroleum based diesel and the installation of a new 50,000 lb of steam/hr biomass recovery boiler that uses wood from sustanable forests. In 2011, Raio transformed its power generation from petroleum based diesel to 100% biodiesel.

EPC Project Management 2021

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