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PV Drilling

The Pioneer of Drilling Industry in Vietnam - Belongs to PetroVietnam Corporation. PV Drilling is a professional provider of drilling rigs and drilling-related services as well as manpower supply for onshore and offshore drilling operation. Over the last decade, PV Drilling has developed significantly and become one of the leading subsidiaries of Vietnam�s Oil & Gas Group and a prestigious drilling contractor in the local and regional market. PV Drilling is going to expand its operation to further deepwater areas and overseas market to contribute more to exploration and production of oil and gas resources for Vietnam and the world. The primary ingredient that made up the success of PV Drilling is the dedicated and outstanding human resources who incessantly pursue knowledge and perfection in mastering the technology, developing the services and creating added values for clients. Therefore, PV Drilling always concentrates on building and developing a human resource with great competence and consider it as top priority in the corporate strategy of development. To serve such purpose, PV Drilling applies a suitable recruitment policy, a systematic career development plan as well as a competitive compensation and benefits scheme for attracting and maintaining talents. At PV Drilling, we consider human factor as the ultimate component for sustainability and breakthrough and this is a one of core values of PV Drilling.

EPC Project Management 2021

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