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PTT Group

PTT Group is Thailand's fully-integrated energy company with leading position in exploration and production, transmission, petrochemical, refining, marketing and trading of petroleum and petrochemical products in both domestic and overseas. PTT Group has been determined to contribute in the development of ASEAN energy security to enhance regional competitiveness as AEC will commence in late 2015. PTT Group plays an extremely important role today in contributing towards maximizing collaboration between Thailand and the other nations of the ASEAN in the area of energy. In Brunei, PTT is currently strengthening relationships with local producers to capture crude oil export volume for trading along with seeking the opportunity coal mining; in Cambodia PTT is supplying LPG and petroleum products for domestic consumption; in Indonesia it is exploring growth opportunities throughout the country and taking part in new explorations; in Laos PTT is developing the oil business profoundly and also developing hydropower; in Malaysia it is contributing to complete the supply chain in fuel oil trading; in Myanmar it is conducting feasibility studies of gas-fired power plants as well as refinery; in the Philippines PTT is implementing operation excellence in its existing oil business operations and actively growing in oil retail business; in Singapore PTT is expanding its crude oil, condensate, petroleum and petrochemical products and other commodities trading. Listed in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, PTT Group never loses its grip on Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental protection, and preservation of nature. Continuous improvement, benchmarking and monitoring of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and energy conservation are placed in the latest roadmap for sustainability. With our belief in the power of synergy in ASEAN, PTT Group will be one of the powers that drive ASEAN towards sustainable future.

EPC Project Management 2021

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