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PT. CIKARANG LISTRINDO, Tbk (Power Plant Company)

About 45 km southeast of Jakarta, starting in 1992, Cikarang Listrindo built its first power plant in the heart of Jababeka Industrial Estate and since then has set the pace for industrial development by providing its customers with a high quality supply of electricity. More than 2,000 customers in 5 industrial estates trust Cikarang Listrindo to deliver reliable and stable power. Among those customers are national and international manufacturers in such sectors as automobiles, electronics, plastics, food and chemicals. They include multinational firms such as PT Astra Honda Motor, PT Mattel Indonesia, PT Omron Manufacturing of Indonesia, PT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia, PT Mayora Indah, PT Aisin Indonesia, PT Yanmar Indonesia, PT AJE Indonesia, PT Mitsubishi Electric Automotive, PT Enkei Indonesia, PT Jotun Indonesia, PT Kao Indonesia, PT Kansai Paint Indonesia, PT Kayaba Indonesia and PT Showa Indonesia Manufacturing along with many leading national companies. To meet the industrial customers� growing demand and to have a more reliable electricity supply system, in 2015 Cikarang Listrindo operates its additional power plant in Megalopolis Manunggal 2100 Industrial Town. Cikarang Listrindo has now a combined plant capacity of 864 MW. An expansion program to raise available power up to 1,144 MW supported by Site Babelan which produce 2x138 MW. Besides satisfying the demand of its industrial customers the company exports power to the national electricity grid of PLN. The company is committed to providing all its customers with the highest level of service in meeting their needs for stable and reliable power. Seamless and smooth supply of electricity gives customers a significant advantage in their operations and affords a level of reliability unsurpassed in Indonesia�s energy market. Cikarang Listrindo is well known for giving complete and continuing customer satisfaction.

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