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PT Polytama Propindo

PT Polytama Propindo ("Polytama"?) is the producer of Masplene (The product trade name), a high quality polypropylene resin, built in 1993, Polytama has been an important player in Indonesia's petrochemical industry. Currently, Polytama's major shareholder is PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries and the other is Pasio investment BV. Customer satisfaction has always been the main focus of Polytama. The marketing team develop customer partnership programs and well established alliance to determine the most suitable resins to meet manufacturing condition at customer factories and technical specifications of the desired finished product. Also, as an integral part of a first-rate customer services the marketing team have a technical support group which conduct after-sales customer site visits and tailor-made designed products. Inspired by its slogan "Innovation Forever"? Polytama has proven that it has the agility, adaptability, and improvisation. Supported by a solid team of professionals, Polytama has overcome arduous challenges along its journey. And now, Polytama is ready to take-off; bringing its customers and partners to a new level of success.

EPC Project Management 2021

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