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PowerSecure, Inc.

PowerSecure, a Southern Company subsidiary, is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions to electric utilities and their industrial, institutional, and commercial customers. PowerSecure provides energy solutions in the areas of distributed energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, and utility infrastructure. Distributed energy infrastructure solutions include Interactive Distributed Generation� (iDG�), solar energy, fuel cells, energy storage and microgrid solutions. PowerSecure is a pioneer in developing distributed power systems and integration of distributed energy resources in a sophisticated microgrid, including the ability to: -Forecast electricity demand and optimize the deployment of the systems. -Provide utilities and their commercial and industrial customers with dedicated and reliable distributed energy resources. -Provide customers with the most resilient power in the industry. -Create multiple value streams to the utility and its customers through distributed energy resource management utilizing PowerSecure�s PowerControl 24/7/365 monitoring framework. The company�s energy efficiency products and services include energy efficient lighting solutions that utilize LED technologies to improve lighting quality and the design, installation, and maintenance of energy conservation measures. PowerSecure also provides electric utilities with transmission, distribution, and substation infrastructure maintenance and construction services along with engineering and regulatory consulting and compliance services.

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