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PolyTech A/S

At PolyTech, we help OEM and aftermarket customers bring new solutions and products to life. Our customers are found among the biggest and most ambitious companies in demanding industries like wind, offshore, aviation and automotive. In the wind industry, we apply we apply all our research, our knowledge, our innovation, our skills and our products to help reduce the levelized cost of wind energy. Our ultimate ambition is to contribute to a world powered primarily by renewables. We offer a wide range of robust and competitive solutions for leading edge protection, lightning protection systems, blade add-ons and turbine internals. Our creative, agile and holistic approach to product development has made us an experienced, trusted partner and a preferred supplier to major wind industry players who share our aspirations. In addition to the development of design concepts, processes and ideas, we operate an accredited test center and a full-featured lightning testing laboratory, highly automated and specialized large-scale production facilities in Denmark, China and Mexico as well as a logistics center in USA.Team up with us and prosper in every step of the value chain. PolyTech � beyond the idea

EPC Project Management 2021

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