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Pioneer Energy

Pioneer Energy specializes in mechanical refrigeration units that are modular, mobile and scale to accommodate the client�s gas processing needs. Gas processing is provided on the pad by Pioneer Energy�s Flarecatcher, including all hydrocarbon streams to create a pipeline spec. dry gas stream, a Y-grade NGL stream, and a residue ethane stream. All three streams then are delivered to market, eliminating nearly all emissions on-site while ENABLING OIL TO FLOW. E&P Companies can utilize Midstream On-Demand at multiple sites to create their own gathering system that is entirely dedicated to the producer. Eliminating shut ins and curtails. The Flarecatcher units can be used as an interim midstream solution: processing gases, providing NGL capture, and managing emissions in order to enable oil production until the midstream provider arrives or additional midstream capacity becomes available. Pioneer Energy also offers Vaporcatcher units to monetize tank vapors, reduce VOCs and enable additional barrels of oil equivalent to be produced per pad. These streams are typically rich and provide NGL yields that prove economically sound. Pioneer Energy provides a complete, turn-key solution where we install, operate and maintain the equipment, which is controlled and monitored from our 24/7/365 remote operations center in Lakewood, CO. We typically lease the equipment but sale is also an option.

EPC Project Management 2021

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