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PICA: Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis (USA) Corp.

PICA (pronounced: �peeka�) provides direct condition assessment of pipelines through the use of in-line (ILI) inspection tools. Direct condition assessment is the only way for Asset Managers to truly know if a pipeline can be repaired or rehabilitated, or if the pipeline truly needs to be replaced. �Good Decisions start with Good Information�: this is the premise under which PICA operates. PICA provides accurate measurements of remaining wall thickness in cast-iron, ductile-iron and steel pipelines. Our unique, patented technology can �see� through liners, scale and tubercles to detect graphitization and pitting, erosion and cracks. Our Tools use electromagnetic technology which does not require the sensors to be in contact with the pipe wall inside the pipe. The Tools have equal sensitivity to wall-loss regardless of whether it is on the inside or outside of the pipe. We can detect leaks, of course, but we can also detect thinning that will lead to leaks in the near future, allowing our customers to make proactive repairs to prevent the next leak. News Update: Russell NDE Systems (PICA's sister company) awarded Frost & Sullivan's 2011 Global Product Leadership Award in RFT! See: for more information

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