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PFF Group

The PFF Group, founded in 1992 as a division of the international operating Galperti Group, specialises in the supply of total solutions for piping and valve projects. We offer high quality pipes, flanges, fittings and valves for the oil, gas and (petro)chemical industry and the energy sector. Our carefully cultivated worldwide network enables us to provide our customers a link to internationally renowned manufacturers and the stocks of all companies affiliated to the Galperti Group - anywhere in the world - to unlock one inexhaustible source for quality products. One of our key strenghts is our unrelentless commitment to our customers with whom we aspire to forge a sustainable relationship, which is based on mutual trust and commitment. Mission and Vision: The PFF Group aspires to achieve and maintain a solid position in the higher market segment of the oil, gas and the (petro) chemical industry and the energy sector. We want to prove ourselves within these markets as a strategic business partner that distinguishes itself through its quality and with the capability and flexibility within its organisation to meet the needs of its customers. The primary objective of our service is to meet the market demand for technical solutions and high quality products in the area of piping & valves.

EPC Project Management 2021

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