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Petrojobs provides customers in the oil & gas and energy supply industries with an extensive range of specialised manpower anywhere in the world. We also supply local staff when these are required as part of a project. ?? Our unique system allows us to make our clients'? requirements known immediately to suitably qualified candidates on our large online database. This database is directly accessible by candidates who can also use it to update their personal details, experience and preferences. ?? On the basis of the interest shown in a vacancy by our pre-screened database candidates we can make a speedy short list selection for the client. However, to ensure that we are presenting the client with all the best available candidates we also carry out a parallel media and internet based search for every position. The very best possible candidates who match the profile required are then presented to our clients. This saves the customer both time and unnecessary administrative effort and cost. We pride ourselves on providing not just manpower, but individuals with the experience, reliability, skills, technical training and knowledge required both on an impromptu basis as well as a longterm basis. We are interested in hearing from qualified oil & gas professionals including geophysicists, geologists, engineers & economists. If you would like to enquire about employment opportunities with us, please drop your CV at

EPC Project Management 2021

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