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Pepco Energy Services

NOTE: Pepco Energy Services was acquired by Exelon Corporation on March 24, 2016 and now operates under Constellation New Energy Since 1995, Pepco Energy Services has successfully evolved to become one of the leading providers of energy and energy-related products and services for the full range of energy users from small business customers to large commercial, institutional, industrial and government users. With more than $2 billion in annual revenue in 2008, Pepco Energy Services now provides services from North Carolina to Massachusetts, and from New York to Illinois and Texas. Pepco Energy Services also offers green electricity to residential customers. A wholly owned, separately managed subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI), Pepco Energy Services provides both energy suppliers and large energy users such as utilities, municipalities, cooperatives and aggregators with an array of energy management services including risk management and acquisition and management of power generation assets. PHI is the energy holding company formed as a result of the merger between Pepco and Conectiv. The company delivers a combined 50,000 gigawatt hours of power to nearly 1.9 million customers in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland and New Jersey, making it one of the largest electricity delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Business, Large Enterprise and Government Our mission is to help energy and facility managers maximize their energy resources by providing a complete suite of cost-effective integrated energy solutions to achieve significant overall cost savings. These include energy assessments, Internet-based energy information systems, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, lighting, project financing, gas and electricity, and energy operations and maintenance services.

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