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PECI has three decades of history helping communities and clients adopt innovative energy programs, train workforces in new technology and deliver high-touch solutions at the nexus of community and energy. Over 35 years, we have evolved to help communities across the country identify ways to meet the future and promote growth and independence. NEW ECONOMY � People go where opportunity lives Drivers of economic growth in American communities have undergone dramatic change in past decades. Changes in the economy, energy markets and technology are creating the means to bring energy system benefits directly into local communities. ENERGY � Everyone, everywhere needs it Energy systems are at the core of community vitality � and economic activity. Stable and resilient energy systems are the bedrock on which essential economic drivers like education, training, technology transfer and growth rest. COMMUNITY ENERGY � More than just electrons and BTUs The energy needs of every community vary and they change. But what many communities have in common is that the production of energy used to serve growth, development and commerce come from sources outside of the community. We see energy projects as a means to not only create and manage energy, but also to utilize local infrastructure to support workforce development, technology training and other community values. For example, reliance on power from large generation sources might translate into a lower cost for electrons, but the tradeoff comes in the form of efficiency losses, less responsiveness to local needs, lost opportunities for the maintenance and operations jobs within the community, and fewer technical training opportunities for local tradespeople and youth. We believe that building local energy systems within local communities will strengthen local economies, make local business and civic functions more resilient and benefitting the environment.

EPC Project Management 2021

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