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Paz Oil Company

The Paz Group is Israel�s largest vertical energy corporation and supplies one third of Israel�s oil consumption. The Group engages in refining, production, storage, importing and marketing of oil and refined products for Israel�s energy consumers. The company owns the Ashdod Oil Refinery as well as storage terminals for oil products, and operates a network of 280 retail filling stations and a convenience store chain of over 185 "Yellow" convenience stores. The Paz Group maintains diverse operations in the domestic market including the production and distribution of lubricants, chemicals, as well as bitumen sheets and sealants for the construction and infrastructure industries; the Group manufactures stores and distributes jet fuel, and provides automatic fueling services and other vehicle fleet support services. The Group's solid financial foundation, sophisticated operating methods, highly developed service orientation, and its rare ability to identify and transform marketing opportunities into a rich, high-value reality have all placed Paz at the head of Israel's energy companies.

EPC Project Management 2021

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