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Patriot Energy

Patriot Energy is a full-service energy procurement and management firm specializing in electric and natural gas supply procurement for commercial, industrial, and government organizations. We will help you implement strategies to control and reduce your energy costs. As one of the largest retail electric and gas brokers in the Northeast, Patriot Energy Group manages a high volume of transactions on a daily basis and has successfully secured competitive supply arrangements for over 14,000 clients. We will provide you with the expertise and transparency necessary to make an informed decision when selecting a purchasing strategy best suited for your facilities� unique consumption profile, as well as your short and long-term business needs. Patriot Energy Group�s dedicated and knowledgeable client representatives are available to meet with you to answer questions, review our products and services, and help you design a customized purchasing strategy for your business. When choosing Patriot Energy you will still be a valued customer of the local utility that �delivers� your electricity or natural gas to you. They will still maintain the wires, pipes and meters that transport the electricity and natural gas to your business. However, through competitive supply, you will have the ability to control your energy supply and associated costs.

EPC Project Management 2021

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