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Paresa S.P.A.

Paresa was established in 1978 with the aim to perform prefabrication activities in its own workshops situated in Gualdo and to develop maintenance activities in refineries and storage facilities across Italy. Following its founders� tradition, it's originally engaged in the fabrication, erection and maintenance activities concerning oil & gas storage facilities. Its founders� experience and diligence in this respect, and business opportunities of those years, soon make Paresa one of the world�s leading companies in this sector, gaining the confidence of most important engineering companies in the fabrication activities and of main national clients in the storage facilities maintenance. The subsequent market saturation of new plants construction and/or maintenance, verging on recession caused by the international conjuncture, convince Paresa at the beginning of this millennium to start construction activities abroad, initially pursuing the flourishing Gulf market � for instance in Kuwait in 2004 and in 2006 -and successively in Northern Africa. After this expansion, in 2008 Paresa decides to meet market needs requiring unique interfaces. Therefore, the Company develops a new EPC product not only for storage units, but also for the entire facilities related to them. Facing this new engagement, Paresa resets its organization, in order to consent an easier way of management and control of the engineering activities, although executed in outsourcing. At the same time, a network of subsidiaries and branches in several countries was created, enabling local regulatory compliance and market penetration. As a result of its path, Paresa represents today a group that does not deny its origins as a fabricator, but that rather develops always innovative construction technologies. Nowadays, it merges EPC contractor activities in Oil & Gas storage facilities with interdisciplinary ME&I construction in several business sectors like Oil & Gas, chemical, petrochemical and power.

EPC Project Management 2021

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