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The Oxbow Group delivers management excellence, a commitment to success and the resources and experience to develop effective solutions to our customers� energy and bulk material needs. Oxbow built its business around the philosophy of combining talent, teamwork and technology. It is this philosophy that Oxbow�s founder, chairman and owner William I. Koch adopted when he created the company in 1983 and which helped steer him to victory in the 1992 America�s Cup. Today, the Oxbow Group is made up of more than two dozen companies with yearly aggregate sales of over $3.7 billion, combined assets of over $1.7 billion and over 1200 employees worldwide. Oxbow�s primary businesses are the mining and marketing of energy and commodities such as coal, natural gas, petroleum, metallurgical and calcined coke. Oxbow�s most unique assets are the talents and energy of its people. As a privately held group of companies, the Oxbow Group readily adapts to changing situations and possesses the flexibility to make prompt decisions as projects unfold. This efficiency of talent and manpower, combined with synergies resulting from our related business lines, allows Oxbow to offer more cost-effective and creative alternatives and solutions for our customers.

EPC Project Management 2021

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