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OPRA Turbines

OPRA Turbines develops, manufactures and services state of-the-art gas turbine systems, and is headquartered in Hengelo, The Netherlands. Our advanced turbine technology has turned the OP16 Gas Turbine into a masterpiece of technology allowing us to serve global markets with clean, distributed energy solutions. Setting the standard in terms of availability, reliability and low maintenance costs, OP16 Gas Turbines allow for very cost-effective �always-on� generation of electricity and heat. Thanks to its unique combustion technology, OP16 Gas Turbines can even turn dirty fuel gas that would otherwise be flared, vented, or simply wasted into green power and clean exhaust gas. We are convinced that OPRA Turbines� gas turbine systems will continue to be a structural component of tomorrow�s green energy landscape, and drive the world�s energy transition!

EPC Project Management 2021

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