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OPET Petrolc�l�k A.�. is operating in the fields of retail sales, commercial and industrial fuels, mineral oils, storage and international trade. Approximately 1600 stations under the brand of OPET & SUNPET. With its strong infrastructure, realistic vision and its confidence in the country, OPET has become the fastest and the most consistently growing petroleum company of the last ten years. In achieving its targets, OPET is committed to assuring customer satisfaction by respecting the environment and law and raising quality in every field such as services and products. According to KalDer Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index, OPET has succeeded to be the most satisfactory brand in the eyes of the fuel consumer in 2012 for the seventh time. Having been the pioneer of many things since its establishment OPET is the first brand that brought 98 octane unleaded gasoline to Turkey and offered Ultra Euro Diesel fuel to Turkish consumers before Europe. OPET makes difference in the sector with its new products and services, rapidly growing station network, and social responsibility projects, i.e. Clean Toilet, Green Road, Exemplary Village and Respect for History. Adding to its market share every passing day, OPET aims, and acts essentially to become the first preference of the consumer in the Turkish fuel distribution sector with the synergy and power stemming from its partnership with Ko� Group.

EPC Project Management 2021

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