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Oolu was founded in 2015 by Nilmi Senaratna and Dan Rosa, and incubated in Y Combinator. The company�s mission is to provide off-grid households with high quality products at an affordable price. For a low monthly fee, paid through mobile money, Oolu installs a pay-as-you-go solar kit that can power various in-home devices such as lights, phone chargers, radios, fans and televisions, and performs any necessary maintenance, including free battery replacements and system upgrades. The offer appeals to off-grid clients who often struggle with unreliable and dangerous lighting sources, such as flashlights, candles and kerosene, and are forced to walk long distances to charge their phones. The company�s mission is provide sustainable energy and financial services to the 150 million people living off-grid in West Africa. Leveraging business solutions to address energy poverty and financial exclusion, Oolu provides high-quality products, local-language customer service, and market-adapted finance plans to rural communities across the region. With ambitious plans for regional growth and product innovation, Oolu remains focused on creating energy access and financial inclusion for all, creating new opportunities for off-grid communities. For more information, see and follow Oolu on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

EPC Project Management 2021

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