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NVI, LLC (Nondestructive Visual Inspection)

NVI is a worldwide industrial solutions provider for companies with high-stakes infrastructures. We provide unrivaled reliability and customer service by being fast, flexible, and accurate. "NVI's extraordinary commitment to standing behind our people, equipment, and their associated work product is what separates NVI from other competitors. Our tagline is "Done Right"? for a reason. It merely means 99% of what we do has earned us this reputation. It is a known fact that at times, people or equipment can fail; but this is when the real value of NVI shines. As a company, we strive to deliver the gold standard in customer satisfaction by standing behind our people and equipment to make things right!"? - James Cloutier, President & CEO NVI strives to help companies plan, inspect and document infrastructure build-outs and maintenance, enabling safe, compliant, and efficient operations. We deliver our NDT techniques with a passionate commitment to exceptional customer service that many NDE providers simply cannot match. That's what we call Done Right.

EPC Project Management 2021

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