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NexGen Oil Tools

At NexGen Oil Tools we have been able take the technology of dissolvable downhole components to the next level. We have spent the last year collecting feedback from the field, engineers, and trusted operators who have ran dissolvable plugs from multiple companies. Using that insight, we have developed one of the best dissolvable products on the market today. Introducing the X-Factor Dissolvable Frac Plug and the Max-D Frac Ball. With over 70 different variations we are able to customize our disintegrating X-Factor Frac Plug and our Max-D Frac Balls to the exact specifications based on your wellbore conditions. Two factors determine how our product works: Chlorides and temperature (the main factor being chlorides). As low as .5% KCL will initiate the dissolve reaction for our balls and plugs. Hydrochloric acid will accelerate the degradation time by 5% to 60% depending on how our clients customize their plug or ball. Fresh water Plugs and Balls requires a BHT of at least 200�F to start the reaction. In fresh water, the hotter the better! We are currently developing a material that dissolves in low temperature fresh water (around 150�F to 180�F). Our X-Factor plug can be custom engineered to fit in your exact casing size. The X-Factor offers 1"? and 2"? bore sizes and can be set using a conventional Baker 10 and Baker 20 setting tools. Dissolve rates are based on the customers actual well conditions (Temp, Pressure and Fluids) Max pressure is 12,500 PSI with a max temp of 450 degrees. Our Max-D Frac Balls come in a wide range of sizes from 0.875 (7/8�) to 3.375 (2 7/8�) and can be customize sized for larger applications. By having a maximum pressure rating of 15,000 psi at 450 degrees, our Frac Balls are more than capable of handling anything you can throw at it. NexGen also assists our clients in developing custom engineered dissolvable tools for custom applications. Contact us for more info.

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