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Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited

Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited (NOCL) is part of the Rs.43 billion Nagarjuna Group, which is one of the most trusted business houses in India. The Nagarjuna Group has partnered with industrial experts from the field of petrochemicals and hydrocarbons, to establish a petroleum refinery, which will be the second petroleum refinery in the State of Tamil Nadu. �With a total estimated cost of Rs. 11500 crore (excluding outsourced facilities), NOCL is the single largest private sector investment in Tamil Nadu. The 6 million tonnes per annum capacity Petroleum Refinery near Cuddalore, is scheduled to be commissioned in April 2014, and will make Tamil Nadu self-sufficient in petroleum fuels. The state-of-the art refinery includes a captive port and a power plant. Additional infrastructure is in place to further expand the refining capacity to 15 million metric tonnes in the second phase.� With the steady growth in GDP, the demand for petrochemicals in India is growing at about 6-7% per annum. Further, the global demand for such products is growing at a healthy rate, driven by high growth in Asian markets. India is emerging as a key supplier of these products due to significant advantage in capital and operating costs. At NOCL, we strive to capitalize on these factors to emerge as leading suppliers of petrochemicals and allied products.

EPC Project Management 2021

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