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Naftomar Shipping And Trading Co. Ltd. Inc.

Throughout its history, NAFTOMAR has successfully met the needs of its clients by providing an international service dedicated to the transportation of liquid gases. Today, as a leader in the shipping and trading of LPG, NAFTOMAR continues to meet the needs of clients who themselves are responding to new challenges all the time. As an organization dedicated to quality and service, it is our business to understand our customers� requirements and to set the highest standards in complying with all the developments in maritime legislation. Our willingness to adopt a problem-solving approach, while sharing the risk with clients, is the secret of the highly successful longstanding relationships that form the backbone of our business. As ever, we are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities of today�s market and the potential that still lies ahead. For this, we owe thanks to the loyalty and caliber of our staff, business partners and clients who have all helped NAFTOMAR advance its steady course through ever-changing seas.

EPC Project Management 2021

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