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Moso International BV

MOSO Bamboo Products MOSO International was founded in the Netherlands in 1997 and since then has developed itself as the undisputed European market leader in the development of innovative and sustainable bamboo products for interior and exterior applications. There is no other company worldwide with an equally � and still expanding - broad assortment in high quality bamboo products, permanently on-stock. MOSO has four main product groups: � MOSO Bamboo Flooring | different flooring types with multiple variations for each market (ranging from domestic to professional). � MOSO Bamboo Outdoor | Patented technology providing bamboo boards with highest durability (class 1 in EN 350-1) for outdoor applications such as decking and cladding. � MOSO Bamboo Panelling | Very broad assortment of bamboo panels, veneer and beams in various sizes, thickness, colours and textures. � MOSO Unlimited Solutions | Unique customized bamboo solutions meeting exceptionally stringent requirements for industrial clients MOSO: World Leading in Bamboo Through our experience and innovative attitude and world-wide network we are recognised as the global A-brand in bamboo products, proven by our impressive line of clients such as Barajas Madrid Airport, BMW, Philips, Bodyshop, Starbucks, Shell, Artek, Gugenheim Museum, Dell, Toyota, Crocs, ING, Salomon Skis, Carlton Hotel, Randstad, Mercedes and CitizenM Hotels. For a full overview of all our products and references please refer to our website

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