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Mirage Machines Limited

Mirage portable machine tools optimise the performance of on-site assets by achieving operational excellence, maximising uptime and improving productivity. � Our proprietary technology drives the development of the most reliable, durable, efficient and precise portable machine tools on the market that are capable of delivering the most exacting standards of tolerance and the highest quality output. � Our products are supported by our industry experts who work closely with our customers to optimise performance for industry specific applications. � We provide an agile and responsive service, providing both standard/off-the-shelf products and bespoke solutions with short lead times. � With extensive experience in service companies, our team understand the dynamics of a wide range of industries and have the capability to deliver turn-key solutions that both meet specific requirements and address complex challenges. � Our portable machine tools are suitable for a wide range of on-site machining applications that include Flange Facers, Hot tapping & Line Stopping, Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Grinding, Journal Turning, Line Boring, Pipe & Casing Cutting, Bevelling and Threading machines.

EPC Project Management 2021

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