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Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V.

Meyn is the industry leader in the manufacturing of poultry processing equipment. From live bird handling to de-feathering and evisceration, cut up and deboning � Meyn's technology and services provide local answers, globally. With expertise in all aspects of primary and secondary processing, Meyn offers solutions to customers in over 100 countries � allowing their businesses to meet the most challenging market and compliance demands. Our customers are supported with ongoing consultancy, comprehensive after-sales support, spare parts, service contracts, and a nonstop service-desk with rapid response times. Internationally mobile, our technical specialists, can be deployed worldwide to solve complex customer requests that guarantee business continuity. Working with Meyn means you can rely on intelligent, innovative, customised and sustainable solutions that enable you to meet the challenges of today�s market and tomorrow�s society. Your success is our goal. Every day, all over the world. Meyn - Innovating the future

EPC Project Management 2021

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